magnetic coupling cable reel

When retracting cables, the Separate Magnetic Couple connected with the bush is wheeled by the force through the driven sprocket and forces the cable reel to coil the cable vice versa. When the cable speed faster than the travelling speed of the equipment with the increasing of cable layers, slow down the relative differential speed with the Magnetic Couple and the rotational speed of cable reel until the synchronization of cable speed and equipment travelling speed. The whole coiling is the process of synchronous modulation of the differential speed of Magnetic Couple continuously. The tensility can be modulated at will through working state regulation of the Separate Magnetic Coupler. When deploying cable, the one-way clutch in the driven sprocket doesn’t transfer the force to Magnetic Coupler , the sprocket works with no load ,cable reel conquers the Damp because of the inertial rotation to deploy cable synchronously under the pull of cable. Regulate the cable tensility at will through working state modulation of Damp Magnetic Coupler .

Magnetic Couple Driven Cable Reel JQC Series are ideal coiling equipments at present ,characterized good synchronization, which are capable of cable deploying and retracting horizontally as well as vertically &medially.

1. Adopt Magnetic Coupler as the synchronous differential mechanism with good synchronization and steady property, not affected by the working condition changes.

2. Magnetic Coupler adopts separate structure, cable tensility can be modulated at will, easy-operation and cables array in good order.

3. Equipped with slip ring outside, easy-maintenance and installation, higher reliability.

4. Ranges of kind and specification, suitable to cables vary from 2.5mm2 to 50mm2.

5. Type JQC-,with slip ring inbuilt ,suitable to tower crane , electric flat car and etc..

Type JQC-,with slip ring out-built, suitable to door crane ,stacker-reclaimer and etc.

6. Set cable 4 cores as example in the dimension drawing. Somewhat differs for multiple cores.

Model selection:

1. Choose the right model according to the cable size, traveling distance, reference to the capacity of cable reel .

2. Choose Sprocket Chain Type or Motorized Type according to the power source output location


1. Offer accurate parameters such as model ,cable size ,voltage grade, power source location (one-way or middle) and equipment traveling speed for orders.

2. If choose Sprocket Chain Type, offer the accurate structure and relative parameters( traveling wheel tread diameter) of the traveling equipment ,so as to process the driving accessories. If choose Motorized Type, offer the biggest traveling speed of the equipment, so as to equip the suitable Power Distribution Equipment .