wet drum separator

The separators have three types of tanks: half countercurrent tank (CTB), direct flow tank (CTS) and countercurrent tank (CTN), which are used according to different granular and technological requirement.

CTS is used for roughing and sift with particle size 6-0mm

CTN is used for roughing and sift with particle size 0.6-0mm and large material recovery in coal.

CTB is used for roughing and sift with particle size 0.5-0mm, especially in 0.15-0mm.

Magnetic system is composed by ferrite material or rare-earth magnetic steel . Surface magnetic force on average is 100-600 mT. Semi-magnetism is usually used. The fully magnetism is also used when higher requirements for concentrate recovery and magnetic separating efficiency.

The slurry flows into the chute via the feed port, influenced by watercourse supplied by the water pipe to loosen the ore grain to get into the bottom. Effected by the magnetic field, the ore grain will be aggregated into Magnetic Block or Magnetic Chain and move towards polar after conquering mechanical forces such as gravity. Because of polar interchanges, the gangue contained mechanically will drop down by the Magnetic Rolling to improve the concentrate grade. The magnetic ore will be transported to the border where the weakest magnetic exists or the scraper( for Holomagnetization), . After being flushed by discharge pipe or scraper( for Holomagnetization), it will be discharged in the concentrate chute. Non or weak magnetic ores are discharged into gangue pipe via the bottom hole after being affected by the slurry flows fast in the chute.


Wet drum magnets have high magnetic recovery and discharge.

The feed slurries recover the magnetics.

Available in single or multiple drum applications.

Recover magnetic solids in as clean a magnetic concentrate as possible .

Permanent magnet assembly eliminates coil burn-outs .

The magnet / pole elements are bolted to a mild steel shaft.

The drum is made from thick stainless steel for long service life.

Wet drum separators are available in different configuration like single drum, double drum and multiple drum. In double drum two separators are arranged back to back with a common feed back.